The Ngorongoro Conservation Area

The crater is 2,200 metres above sea level, with a diameter of about 19 kilometres in width, 16 kilometres in length, and with a depth of 610 metres. The crater inside is a unique habitat for animals.

The abundant rainfalls contribute to the formation of small ponds and help feed the waters of Lake Magadi, which is present in the crater. Also, the crater is often immersed in the fog which forms as a consequence of the difference in temperature between the bottom, the edges, and the surrounding high plains.

It is a terrestrial paradise boasting, moreover, one of the highest concentrations of fauna in the whole of Africa; just in terms of birds there are more than 400 species. The only animals not present in the Ngorongoro area are giraffes and impala.

Given the constant and heavy presence of tourists, game drives are limited inside the crater, meaning, in other words, that it is not possible to stay in the crater for more than 6 hours a day.


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