How much does a safari cost

The final price of a Safari tour depends on many factors, especially on:

  • The length of the trip.
  • The number of parks you decide to visit. Entrance fees vary from 60 to 90 USD per person per day. For example, in addition to the 70/80 USD per person per day to enter the Ngorongoro Conservation

    Area, there is also the cost of 300 USD for the jeep.

  • Type of accommodation: a three star lodge/tented camp will obviously have a different price from a five star lodge/tented luxury camp. Lodge/tented camp locations also have different prices (outside or inside the park).
  • Domestic flights to travel from one park to another allow you to save time but impact on the price.
  • Number of participants: the more you are the less you spend: two people will pay the full price, while a group of 4-5 people can have a 15%-20% discount on the final price.
  • The period: Christmas time, Easter, and the month of August are considered high season.
  • Whether you choose to rent a safari jeep for your own personal use or whether you opt for an everyday full board option.
Basically, the cost per person per day for a Safari holiday varies from approximately 350 USD in a lodge/tented camp to a 700/800 USD or more in a luxury tented camp.

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