The most famous beaches are:

Kiwengwa: this beach is on the east coast and is the most extensive of the whole island. Most of the resorts, in terms of hotels and touristic villages, share the private areas on the beaches.

Nungwi: the soft white sand and wonderful sea combine to make this another beautiful beach. Tidal phenomena are characteristic of Zanzibar, and on the beach you can easily encounter groups of artisans building dhows, typical local craft, made entirely of wood and with a rather unusual, elongated form.

Kendwa: you will be able to sight myriads of tropical fish and encounter turtles closeup. From this beach you can delight in spectacular sunsets and meet the fishermen as well as the women cleaning the freshly caught fish.

Paje: t is a beautiful quiet pure white beach.

Jambiani: with its fine white sand and azure sea, it stretches out for kilometres; it is flanked by coconut trees providing shade along the edges of the beach.

The old town of the capital of Zanzibar, Stone Town, offers abundant testimony to the historical and architectonic Swahili culture, and has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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