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Let’s start from here. From the banks of the Mara River, around the Kogatende area, on the Kenyan border, where the migration of thousands of gnus was the reward for our never-ending wait.
In Africa, during a Safari, there are spectacular moments such as gnus crossing the Mara River, as well as horrifying moments like the lionesses hunting buffalo or a gnu ending up in a crocodile’s jaws. These are memories you will treasure for all your life.
Crossing of the wildebeest on the river Mara.
The hunt for lionesses to a buffalo.
Wildebeest ends up in the jaws of the crocodil

We were about to leave Africa but, rather like Hemingway we were already looking forward to coming back again. During our last Safari we met Andrea, a Tanzanian tourist guide who has worked there as a professional for more than twelve years. He can speak several languages, including very fluent Italian.

Together with him, we decided to undertake this adventure and transmit "le mal d’Afrique" to other people.

Marina and Sergio
Sergio e Marina, Sogno Africano Safaris, Tour organizzato safari Tanzania
Andrea - Professional Tanzanian Guide, he can speak several languages.
Andrea guida tanzaniana multilingua, Sogno Africano Safaris, Tour organizzato safari Tanzania

Why you should travel with us

  We only offer what we have personally experienced: we have already stayed in the hotels and we have already done the tours.

  Time management is very important to us: we do our best not to waste our clients’ time and especially their money.

  We try our best to meet your needs and plan your trip according to your expectations. All this in order to make your holiday completely unforgettable.

  We organise all the bookings: accommodation, transport, domestic flights and arrangements on the beach.

  Each trip is personalised and based on our client’s requests, expectations and budget.
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About us

We were about to leave Africa, but rather like Hemingway we were already looking forward to coming back again.

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